Foxhunt PRO™

Direction Finding / Search and Rescue – with BearingSharing™


Pinpointing the location of a hidden transmitter — one you can identify by radio signal — using map, compass, and ruler is a tedious and error-prone process.  FoxHunt Pro brings the power of iPhone to this task and makes locating hidden transmitters easier.

Using your favorite radio direction finding equipment, take a bearing on the transmitter, point your iPhone in that direction, and tap the on-screen button.  Your position and heading are recorded.  Move to another location and repeat.  Two bearings on the target let FoxHunt Pro plot its probable location clearly on a map.  Adding more bearings allows FoxHunt Pro to pinpoint the transmitter more accurately.  Once the transmitter has been mapped, driving directions are just a tap away on your iPhone.

FoxHunt Pro was designed specifically to support amateur radio direction finding.  Add your favorite receiver and antenna to your kit, and off you go.  But FoxHunt Pro can also be used in other applications where bearings to the target are available by other means, including visual spotting of landmarks.

FoxHunt Pro is available at the AppStore

FoxHunt Pro uses the built-in compass, GPS, mapping and direction-finding functionalities of your iPhone and is, therefore, subject to the inherent limitations of these technologies.  As with any instrument, the quality of the results depends on the accuracy of the instrument and the skill of the user. 

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Fox-hunt wisely and often.  Don’t steal foxes.

FoxHunt Pro™ for iPhone

FoxHunt Pro picks up where FoxHunt left off... now you can share bearings in real time with other foxhunters
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